The best of the best. The King of all the concentrates we do here. We reserve only the highest quality hash from our extraction runs to be used in this line of rosin. It carries the best overall melt quality of them all, leaving your nail (banger) nice and clean. Only released in small batches and always limited.

6* Hash


Rosin that has been post-cured after the press to force nucleation into a batter or jam like consistency. We introduce an extra low and slow cure process that produces higher levels of activated ∆9-THC. The curing also further enhances the aromas and flavors. We typically recommend keeping all of our rosin in a refrigerator when not in use but our rosin jams and rosin batters can be kept out at room temp for some time without much degradation. Perfect for those times when a cool spot is out of the question.


Our version of the classic full-spectrum rosin. We use the full spectrum of hash ranging from 40µ all the way to 149µ sized trichome heads to create the rosin in our Classic series. Letting you experience all the different maturities of the plant’s resin as it ranges from smaller and less mature, to large and fully matured trichomes.



Made with zero hydrocarbons/solvents, zero fillers, no glycerin thinners, and absolutely no distillate. Only pure and uncut hash rosin retaining the full plant cannabinoids and terpene characteristics.

We never have to strip out or re-introduce terpenes thanks to our proprietary methods of rosin extraction and manipulation to get the consistencies suitable for a cartridge.


Featuring two lines of cartridges – a whole-plant live fresh frozen line and a flash cured cartridge line:

  • Whole Plant Live – Curated from whole plant live material. 
  • Flash Cured – Curated from lightly dried material